General Information

Audeo is committed to equal opportunity for all individuals in education. Programs and activities shall be free from discrimination based on sex, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, physical or mental disability or any other unlawful consideration.

Audeo is proud to have served the needs of several Southern California communities and the many traditional school counselors that support each one since 2001. We are designed to make your work easier. If there is anything we can do to improve upon the service you receive, please do not hesitate to email us at info@audeocharterschool.net.

Students at Audeo are offered a June, July, August months enrollment. While current students continue on through the summer months, new students are also welcome to enroll for the June, July, August (summer) months only. Summer months enrollment at Audeo is very popular and is based on availability. Audeo accepts applications year round.

Audeo’s summer months enrollment focus is primarily geared for students needing to make up courses. Students can expect to complete one to three courses during the semester.  For more information on enrollment during the summer, visit our Summer FAQ page.

Frequently Asked Questions

YES. Audeo is a fully accredited California State Charter School. It is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Its courses meet California State curriculum standards and are approved by the University of California (meeting UC A-G requirements).

Audeo serves students in grades K-12.

No. Audeo is a public school. It is a publicly funded program which is free to all students.

Audeo focuses on academics through our rigorous, standards-based independent study program.  Audeo students complete curriculum that has been approved by the University of California (UC) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).  Academic opportunities are provided to students during their weekly appointments to the Resource Center that include: receiving support in one-on-one tutoring sessions, conducting science labs, and participating in field trips.

YES. Students can receive a California high school diploma from Audeo. Our courses are A-G approved and acknowledged by the university system.

Students may also choose an educational plan which prepares them for the California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE). Audeo students go on to four-year colleges, community colleges, vocational schools, and serve in the military.

Audeo holds a very special cap and gown graduation ceremony at the Balboa Park Organ Pavilion to honor the achievements of the student graduates.

YES. Audeo offers courses that meet California Common Core Standards and that have been approved by the University of California for admission. The most current selection of state-adopted textbooks are used.

Audeo offers an independent study program. Independent study is an alternative education strategy for students who may have special challenges, need targeted instruction, or want an individualized approach to education.

Students work on their own according to written agreements and under the supervision of credentialed teachers. Independent study offers flexibility to meet individual students’ needs, interests, and styles of learning while independent study students follow the State-adopted curriculum and meet the graduation requirements similar to the neighboring school districts. Independent study is available only as a voluntary option chosen by students and parents.

In independent study, students’ work (grade C or better) that is approved by their teacher is their attendance (not time in the Resource Center).

Students work from individualized academic plans. Resource Center appointments are scheduled two times per week.

Students are expected to work on their assigned courses 6 hours a day – whether or not they are in the Resource Center. Students work more at home than in a traditional school. They move at their own pace, completing one or two courses at a time. Each course takes approximately three to four weeks to complete.

Audeo is an “around the year” program to maximize the number of days and time that students can earn credits. Students work on their academic program during the fall and spring, as in their traditional school. In addition, students continue their academic work through the summer.

The calendar includes observance of the traditional holidays and breaks (winter—2 weeks, spring—1 week, and summer—1 week). However, students are encouraged to work independently throughout the year to accomplish their academic goals.

Resource Centers are located throughout San Diego. We also have Resource Centers in Riverside County’s city of Moreno Valley and Orange County’s city of Westminster. Check out our Locations page for more details!

Yes, our Resource Centers are available to all students.

No. Parents are responsible for providing transportation.

Parents/guardians can begin the enrollment process by completing a Request Enrollment form right here on Audeo’s website.

You will get a call to meet with your teacher within three to five business days after successfully sending us all required enrollment paperwork.

Your parent/guardian will receive a call/email from the teacher to schedule your first meeting. Together, parents, students, and teacher will review/modify the personal educational plan based on the student’s academic and post-high school/career goals. This is a very important meeting and both parent and student must attend. At this meeting, the student will receive his/her first course information and materials.

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