Welcome to Audeo’s Traditional School Counselor Resource Page

Our objective is to work closely with school counselors at traditional sites to facilitate the placement of students that might need Audeo’s unique instructional program. This page is designed to inform and facilitate the referral process for potential and returning students.

female teacher working in a textbook with a female student


Each year, traditional school counselors rely on Audeo’s program to re-engage students in the education process and help them succeed in a personalized environment. Browse the options below to find counselor resources and more information about CSSD.

Audeo is an independent study, public school option serving students in grades K-12. Like all public schools, it is tuition-free.

Audeo students are offered the freedom to accelerate, the focus to catch up, and the support to graduate. Audeo teachers are ready to offer one-on-one support to any student. Teachers assign courses based on each student’s academic and career plans, which are made with the help of counselors and parents upon enrollment. In addition, a variety of additional Student Pathways that align with individual student needs are available.

The “university model” of coursework uniquely prepares students for post-secondary education, as students focus on 1-2 courses at a time, and each course takes 4-6 weeks. All Resource Centers offer a quiet, distraction-free learning environment.

One Audeo credit is equivalent to one full, high school semester.

Visit our Course Offerings page to see the course list, course descriptions, UC A-G list, NCAA List, and College Board-approved AP Courses.

At Audeo, there are many UC A-G courses available. These courses can be identified in the Course Catalog or by talking with a teacher or counselor.

To learn more about the requirements, visit the University of California website for more information.

We have a wide variety of courses that have been approved by the NCAA– the National Collegiate Athletics Association. If a student plans to play sports in college, either Division I or Division II, their courses must meet the NCAA requirements for college athletes.

To learn more about the NCAA courses available, talk to a counselor, view our Course Catalog, or visit the NCAA Eligibility Center for more information.

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