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It has been amazing to see how much of a change it has been for both of my boys. Eddie has always been a little lazy with his work and Anthony struggles, falls behind, then gives up. They both now have no complaints about school and seemed to me to be doing well. I’m glad you’re seeing that too. I really want to thank you and this school so much! I don’t know if you guys have any sort of review platform you use or need comments from parents anywhere but if you do, let me know. I would be more than happy to let other people know how good of a program you guys have

An Audeo Parent

I was brought to Audeo to get an education that was better suited to me. This school is very flexible with your schedule to ensure you get the help you need. Audeo also allows you to finish your assignments at your own speed as long as you do your work each day, giving you enough time to fully understand the subject you are learning. This school has really benefited my life by letting me do my work at my own pace and I have gotten back on track to graduate on time. I would highly recommend Audeo to anyone who is not looking for the traditional school setting.

A 12th Grade Audeo Student

I really appreciate all the work you’ve done for my son. You are really the first one who has inspired him to get his work done. He has struggled to put the effort in school, but he loves your teaching style and it seems he’s finally connected to a teacher – Bravo! 

An Audeo Parent, in an email to an Audeo teacher

ALTUSGrad2012bellomo (168 of 336)I rate this school 5 stars! The quality of teachers and the depth of the school program is outstanding! My daughter went from a 1.5 average in a well known public school to a 4.0 average here at Audeo. My daughter’s confidence has soared as well as her thirst for knowledge.

This school is amazing. The teachers are caring and compassionate. I would highly recommend this school to anyone.  

ALTUSGrad2012bellomo (235 of 336)Audeo Charter School is awesome. You can get your work done, the teachers help you with your homework and school work, you can be far ahead, and they help get you ready for college.

ALTUSGrad2012bellomo (255 of 336)Audeo Charter School is a great school that provides all the help for each student. I am a senior in this school and they have provided me all the help that I need to graduate as fast as possible with the help of my teachers and the support for what I needed to get done.

ALTUSGrad2012bellomo (180 of 336)This has been the BEST experience for our son. We see clear academic growth and a newly-found desire in our son to accomplish his school work and to reach the goals we have set out for him. We are very pleased with his teacher’s abilities and her sincere interest in our son’s academic progress. We also appreciate that she fills us in on what’s going on with our son regarding school work, including homework that needs to be accomplished. We wished we would have enrolled our son sooner!


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