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Audeo Charter School is proud to offer a tuition-free Homeschool Program for students in grades K-5 and their families. Since 2001, Audeo Charter School has served thousands of students through alternative educational methods, and we are thrilled to be extending our services to grades K-5.

Education at Audeo is innovative, personalized and dynamic.  We work hand-in-hand with parents to provide a personalized education for your children that is relevant to their present and future lives. Our school is committed to providing individualized, high quality educational experiences that help children become self-motivated and self-directed learners. Just as in the highly successful Audeo Independent Study Program for students in grades 6-12, students in the K-5 Homeschool Program receive an education custom-built to their future goals, academic interests, and personal strengths.  As a public school, Audeo Charter School is able to provide educational materials and personalized guidance at no cost to families. Additionally, working with a charter school gives families – and us – flexibility in how we address goals for your child. Together, we design a program that fits each family’s lifestyle and each child’s educational needs.

At Audeo, kids come first.
Audeo’s K-5 Program uses the most current educational methods and allows parents and students to build custom plans to meet individual goals, strengths and interests.

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The Audeo K-5 Homeschool program gives elementary-aged students freedom in education. Students who are performing above grade level can choose to accelerate, while students who are behind have the resources and support to catch up. If you have a student with special interests, we can show you how to start with your child’s passion to motivate your child in all areas. Each student receives an education custom-built to their future goals, academic interests and personal strengths.

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Optimize your child’s potential within a caring and supportive community of learners where families and professional educators actively engage in creating the best learning environment for your child.

In our program, parents serve as the teacher in the home. Because the parent is the teacher, our credentialed staff members act as Educational Coaches. Our Coaches work side-by-side with parents to make certain that each parent has all of the materials and guidance they need to successfully support their child as he or she travels along the path to success. We provide materials, lesson plans, tips on structuring your homeschool day, and delivering the most effective instruction for your child. We help parents and students set rigorous but achievable goals for learning, and we are there every step of the way, assisting you in reaching those goals.

In addition to the one-on-one home-based education, students are encouraged to participate in enrichment opportunities provided by the Audeo K-5 Program. These opportunities, located at points of interest in San Diego County, expose children to diverse, interactive learning opportunities, give children a sense of community, and provide opportunities for children to practice good communication and collaboration skills.

To continue to engage our students and parents and provide opportunities for improvement, please complete the following brief survey regarding our Resource Center redesign.  We welcome your constructive feedback.

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