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Charter schools are independent public schools with rigorous curriculum programs and unique educational approaches. In exchage for operational freedom and flexibility, charter schools are subject to higher levels of accountability than traditional public schools. Charter schools, which are tuition-free and open to all students, offer quality and choice in the public education system.

Like traditional public schools, charters receive state funding based on a formula for each child enrolled in the school. Many charters also do additional fundraising to obtain grants and donations to pay for programs that are not fully funded by state or school district formulas.

When lawmakers passed the Charter Schools Act of 1992, California became the second state in the country (after Minnesota) to enact charter school legislation. The intent was to allow groups of educators, community members, parents, or others to create an alternative type of public school.

For more information, please watch this brief video from the California Charter Schools Association below:

Today, California is at the leading edge of the innovative and fast-growing public charter school movement, with 1,063+ schools, serving more than 484,000 public school students.

Audeo Charter School serves students in grades K-12.

Grades K-5 are part of our Homeschool Program. Parents serve as teachers in the home and work with credentialed staff called Educational Coaches.

Grades 6-12 are independent study. Students work one-on-one with a highly qualified, credentialed teacher and attend regular meetings at their resource center.

Audeo focuses on academics through our rigorous, standards-based independent and homeschool programs. Audeo K-5 students complete curriculum that has been aligned to current California Common Core Content Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards, using a variety of methods which are agreed upon among the learning team of parent, student and Educational Coach (EC). Parents and students receive academic support both directly from their Educational Coach and during regularly scheduled academic and extension activities and field trips.

Homeschooling is an educational option that allows parents to teach their children at home rather than sending them to a traditional school. Homeschooling parents make use of a wide range of resources and opportunities, both textbook-based and community-based. In Audeo’s K-5 Program, credentialed educators guide parents in using a variety of materials as the parents teach their children at home. This home instruction is supplemented with regular field trips and other activities to engage and enrich student learning. Homeschooling with Audeo K-5 gives parents and students the support needed to set and achieve academic goals.

Support for homeschooling families is as personalized as our academic planning process. As a family begins their homeschooling journey, frequent meetings may be required to make certain that parents are comfortable with all materials and are able to monitor student learning and adjust their instructional strategies appropriately. As confidence and skills increase, meeting frequency will change. At minimum, families will meet with their educational coach every 20 school days to review progress and plan for future work. These meetings are generally one to one-and-a-half hours long per child. Instructional coaches are always happy to schedule additional meetings, phone conferences, or email correspondence to support your needs.

Materials provided range from standard texts and workbook to online instructional materials to hands-on materials and supplies for math and science.

Regularly scheduled field trips and other educational activities also support student learning.

Audeo Charter School operates year round.  Most K-5 homeschool families follow a traditional school year schedule that runs from August to June, but other options are available.  The calendar includes observance of the traditional holidays and breaks (November/Thanksgiving—1 week, winter—2 weeks, spring—1 week). However, students are encouraged to work independently throughout the year to accomplish their academic goals.

Students are coached at the Tierrasanta Resource Center at 10725 Tierrasanta Blvd. San Diego, 92124. More Resource Centers will be added as enrollment increases.


In addition to completing the Online Enrollment form, please send us the following forms by fax, email, or mail:

  • Most recent report card
  • Immunization/health records
  • Discipline History
  • Special Education or 504 Status, if necessary
  • Proof of Residence (i.e., landline phone bill)

You will get a call to meet with your Educational Coach within three to five business days after successfully sending us all required enrollment paperwork.

You will receive a call/email from the Educational Coach (EC) to schedule your first meeting. Together, parents, students, and their EC will review/modify the personal educational plan based on the student’s academic goals. This is a very important meeting and both parent and student must attend. At this meeting, the family will receive course information, planning guides, and materials. Assessments will be scheduled as needed to ensure students receive instruction at the appropriate level.


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