California High School Exit Exam

The primary purpose of the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE) is to significantly improve pupil achievement in public high schools and to ensure that pupils who graduate from public high schools can demonstrate grade level competency in reading, writing, and mathematics. All California public school students, except eligible students with disabilities, must satisfy the CAHSEE requirement, as well as all other state and local requirements, in order to receive a high school diploma.

The CAHSEE has two parts: English-language arts (ELA) and mathematics. The ELA part addresses state content standards through grade ten. In reading, this includes vocabulary, decoding, comprehension, and analysis of information and literary texts. In writing, this covers writing strategies, applications, and the conventions of English (e.g. grammar, spelling, and punctuation). The mathematics part of the CAHSEE addresses state standards in grades six and seven and Algebra I. The exam includes statistics, data analysis and probability, number sense, measurement and geometry, mathematical reasoning, and algebra. Students are also asked to demonstrate a strong foundation in computation and arithmetic, including working with decimals, fractions, and percents.

State law requires that the CAHSEE be administered only on the dates designated by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Students must retake the examination until the ELA and mathematics parts are passed; however, students may retake only those parts not previously passed. All students are required to take the CAHSEE for the first time in grade ten. Students who do not pass one or both parts of the CAHSEE in grade ten may take the parts not passed up to two times per school year in grade eleven and up to five times per school year in grade twelve.

The 2011-2012 Audeo Testing Dates Are As Follows:

English-Language Arts

July 26, 2011 – 12th grade
October 4, 2011 – 12th grade
November 1, 2011 – 11th and 12th grade
February 7, 2012 – 12th grade
March 13, 2012 – 10th grade
May 8, 2012 – 11th and 12th grade


July 27, 2011 – 12th grade
October 5, 2011 – 12th grade
November 2, 2011 – 11th and 12th grade
February 8, 2012 – 12th grade
March 14, 2012 – 10th grade
May 9, 2012 – 11th and 12th grade

All Audeo CAHSEE Testing takes place in each student’s designated Resource Center.

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